Program Codes

The date, type, virtual room and time of the oral and poster presentations can be identified from the program code.

Using the format DDTV## (Day, Type|Time, Virtual Room, ##) (e.g. MOAL01, WEPV01)

First two letters (DD) indicates the day of the week.

  • MO, TU, WE, TH, FR

The third character (T) indicates the Time for the Oral presentations or the Type for the other kind of contributions.

  • A: Orals in the 1st Session
  • B: Orals in the 2nd Session
  • O: Opening Session
  • K: Keynote Session
  • P: Poster
  • X: Workshop Summary
  • Z: Closing Session

The fourth character (V) indicates the virtual room where the session will be held:

  • L: Virtual Room L for Orals
  • R: Virtual Room R for Orals
  • V: Virtual Rooms for Posters

Finally, the sequence number within the session (##).