For Oral Speakers

For Oral Speakers

1. All orals will be live using Whova platform and Zoom software. There will be no pre-recorded videos.

2. Please submit the presentation to the JACoW SPMS at least two days before the scheduled presentation time. This allows for verification and transfer to the Whova by the organizer. The presentation will be visible to the attendees during the live session.

3. Perfect your biography of the Whova profile. The session chairs will introduce you with it.

4. You will receive the Zoom link (like 'https://…….') by e-mail six hours before your live session. Please use the native Zoom app on your computer, instead of the Zoom embedded in Whova. Please use your full name so we can find you easily.

5. If one speaker is absent or his network is down, we will skip to the next speaker.

6. Please enter the Zoom room at least half an hour before your live session, make sure your camera, network, and microphone work. We will provide a Zoom preparation room during the live sessions.

7. We arrange a dry run at 10:00 to 14:00 UTC on 14th October, please try your best to attend.

8. Once the live presentation is passed, we encourage you to keep answering the Q&A board of your talk.

Preparation Checklist

a. Please test your camera, microphone, and screen-sharing etc. You can do it with your friends or colleagues.

b. Consider a dry run of your talk and time it. Speaking in front of a camera feels different from speaking in front of a live audience.

c. Choose what background you want to use.

d. Make sure the main light source isn’t coming from behind you. If you are close to a window, try not to be in darkness.

e. If possible, close other applications on your computer.

f. Let other people in your home know about your presentation so that they won’t use too much bandwidth while you’re presenting.

Things to Test

Before the event, please take some time to test each item below.

a. Test your Internet speed. The Internet speed requirement of Zoom is 2Mbps at the minimum. You may test your Internet speed here.

b. Test your audio/video device and make sure it works with the streaming software. The easiest way is to start a Zoom meeting with your friends and see if they can see you and hear from you. Also, try to share your video/slides in Zoom to see if they work properly.

c. Test other setups with the dry run on 14th October, please try your best to attend. We also have the preparation room during the live sessions.

In Case of Emergency

If something unexpected happens during the event or session, please follow this guide to solve them.

a. Cannot join the session as speaker:

- Please join from the Zoom app instead of the Whova Web app.

- Please make sure the link you are using is the speaker link instead of the attendee link.

b. The camera does not work properly:

- Please check with the session chairs if it’s OK that you present without a camera. If it is fine, you may still present with audio and slides.

If you have any questions, you can also use the 'Ask the Organizers Anything' board in the Whova Community menu or send emails to Miss. Liu (