Poster Presentation

Poster Publication

Please be aware that according to the ICALEPCS rules at least one author has to be present at the poster during the poster session, otherwise the poster will not be included in the proceedings.

Participants in the poster sessions are invited to upload an electronic version of their posters (in pdf format) to JACoW SPMS. It will be included in the conference proceedings. The file shall be named with the program code and _poster.pdf (for example MOPV001_poster.pdf)

Poster Sessions

The poster sessions will be arranged at 14:30 to 15:30 (UTC) from Monday (18th October) to Thursday (21st October). They will be live using WHOVA platform and ZOOM software. Click here for details. The assigned poster program code (e.g. TUPV01) indicates Poster 01 on Tuesday (19th October).

Poster Attendance

Official staff will check for the attendance of the presenter of each poster and if the staff cannot find the presenter, the presentation will not be included in the conference proceedings.

The presenter must be one of the authors.

Preparation of the Posters

1. The poster size should be 16:9 for better screen sharing, not the traditional A0 size.

2. The poster file should be in PDF (Portable Document Format) format, 5 pages (same as the papar) and not exceed 10 MB.

3. You can download and refer to this template. It is recommended to include a summary page, such as 4 slides in a 2x2 grid format.

4. All posters must have the program code visible for easy reference by readers who have downloaded your poster.

5. All figures and tables should be titled.

If you have any questions during the poster session, please contact our Poster Manager Miss Bai.